June 1, 2005 - Matriculated contest answer #4, Exams

Next up, for the arc "Exams", if you guessed that the last strip in the arc, #62, was the idea for the arc you're correct! Read on for insight from Phil and Joe.

Matriculated #62: The moment of truth

Phil: This strip is pure fiction. A lot of times, I'll pull tidbits of things that actually happened and form them into a Matriculated script. But this one is completely made up. I have never studied for a test so much that I knew more than I needed to know. I think I barely studied. But I liked the idea of over studying.

In college, I knew a lot of architect majors (or Archees as we called them... pronounced "arc-ee" not Archie) which is why I made Dan an architect major. One of the things that set architect majors apart from every other major in school was exams. Architects would usually just need to complete some project and maybe (although it was rarer once architect majors became upperclassmen) one or two exams of some sort. Meanwhile, the rest of us math and science majors were feverishly studying to pass the final exam so we wouldn't need to take whatever class we were studying for over again next semester. I liked the idea of Dan being surprised by that one exam he needed to take in the semester and then being wholly over prepared for it.

This is also the second strip where we hear the professor call Dan "Mr. Charles". In case you feel the need to know, Dan's full name is Dan H. Charles. I know what the "H" stands for, but at this point it hasn't been revealed. Dan's a little embarrassed by it. If anyone wants to take a guess, the first person to guess right will get a prize of some sort. Possibly of things I'm trying to get rid of...

Joe: This one came out ok. Aside from the repeat panel. I don't love to do that but it has to happen sometimes. What I really like here is that first panel. Just that it's from above. Something different.

Those little blue books were intentional too. The essay books we used to use in High school. I assume they use something similar in college. I went to a university that was an art school so there wasn't a lot of essay writing.

I also think short plaid skirts are really sexy. You'll see them pop up often enough in Matriculated. This may be the first appearance.

Check back next week for more insight on the Matriculated strips from Joe and Phil!

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