June 13, 2005 - Pimps welcome the RAGE!

Digital Pimp is proud to announce the acquisition of some new blood. We would like to welcome, with open arms, a new weekly comic from Kevin Gleason called Retail Rage. You'll be able to catch it weekly every Monday, here at Digital Pimp.

Some of you may remember Retail Rage in it's original form as Adventures in Retail where Kevin racked up 80 strips at Crossroads comics. Last week the strip shifted in title, format, and story. Make sure you check out the first part this exciting new direction before reading on.

Kevin is not only a great talent, but fantastic friend and supporter of all things Pimp. Joe admits, "He knows more about Fred the food Critic then I do. The guy's a true fan and comic lover." You can check out all his future Retail Rage work here at Digital Pimp every Monday, but be sure not to miss the archive of Adventures in Retail, and issues number 1 and 2 of his print comic Just Another Name. That first issue is what first introduced us to his work and what led to us crowning a new pimp (yes, we have crowns).

Free Lunch fans, do not fear! As mentioned last week, Free Lunch has moved to Sunday so it can enjoy some lovely PV comics love. But it's still here, and still going strong. More news later on the exciting addition of our new pimp, as well as updates this week. Joe saw a lot of movies this weekend, and he's got his Batman tickets, so check back for frequent updates.

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