August 9, 2005 - Theater hopping into someone's strip

Oh my! Is that our very own Joe Dunn appearing in this Monday's Theater Hopper!? It is! Joe along with Mitch Clem and Zach Miller appear in this weeks strip because we actually all went to see Sky High together. No, we didn't all travel hundreds of miles to see a kids super hero movie, the real reason was for Wizard World Chicago which was honestly one of Digital Pimps best shows ever. Both in sales and fun. Sitting together in "web comic alley" (put together by the good folks over at Secret of Mana Theater) really brought a great vibe of comradery to the experience. There will be a detailed recap coming soon, but for now - go read Theater Hopper.

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Being an exhibitor means having to pee since you moved in, but holding it because you need to set up before the sho...
15 Sep 2018
Irv Fabor
Just painted for the joy of painting and of course with the purpose of doing it for someone. It is ver bittersweet to have finished it
22 Sep 2018