May 15, 2009 - Guest Comic Fever

Hey everyone. Joe Here. On Thursday I did a guest strip for The Crooked Gremlins. You may remember that a couple months back they did a guest strip for me and I jumped at the chance of returning the favor. Lots of back scratching going on. See that’s the beauty of the web comic community. We’re all aware of each other’s back and itching issues and are never too shy to lend a helping hand, or twitching finger as it were. Plus we all have beautifully manicured hands. Thanks so much to the guys over there. I definitely got the sweeter end of the deal. They’re characters are a lot of fun to spend some time with.

There was a second guest strip that I did this week for Dave over at Taking the Bypass but it hasn’t gone up yet. He’s in the middle of a guest month and if you’re in a back scratching mood (see previous paragraph for reference) and want to help out a really terrific strip then head on over and lend him that twitching finger.

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16 Dec 2016
Joe Dunn
LOGAN is both "grizzled, wrinkled, poisoned, and dying" as well as "in better shape than I ever will be" at the same time.
25 Mar 2017
Irv Fabor
Trying to salvage a little bit from todays huge disappointments. I did manage to do some artwork in illustrator so at least theres that.
25 Mar 2017
Kevin Gleason
RT @jonahkeri: I'm sure Paul Ryan can find other super nifty ways to make 24 million people suffer and/or die
24 Mar 2017