October 3, 2004 - No soup for you!

Today's Free Lunch strip will be delayed due to our fabulous weekend at the SPX convention. Joe's blaming the hold up on the 7 hour drive home, but we all know it's because he just got drunk and forgot.

The good news is that it was a great weekend and there is much to show you and talk about. Expect a recap later on in the week as well as a bunch of sketches Joe did at the show. Here is one of our favorites. Someone asked for sketch of the pimp. Joe said "Full body?" "No. Just the head will be fine."

No problem at all. But you fans should know that this could never actually happen to the Pimp. He CAN'T die. He's a Highlander. Well... I guess he could get his head cut off and would die. In fact because he IS a Highlander it would actually be more likely to happen. Forget what I just said. He's a vampire! ...Wait.

And as Joe's official apology for the hold up on the strip, take a look at the ink drawing from this weeks strip, in this preview.

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