December 6, 2004 - Blood, ink, and fan art

Welcome to the first day of Blade week where we're celebrating the release of Blade: Trinity by making fun of it in our comic strips. This week's Free Lunch, Matriculated and Fish Tank Tango will all have some sort of connection to this movie franchise!

Except for today.

Today's Free Lunch isn't about Blade, it's a shot at Alexander. But fear not! Free Lunch is about to embark on a Blade story arc that will launch this week and last for the rest of December. Even better, the strip will be brought to you at least two times a week until the story is complete. So now you have no reason to not come back!

Not only is there the Blade fun but also Free Lunch has received its first official piece of fan art. It's comes from Kevin Gleason over at We met Kevin 2 years ago at the Wizard World Chicago show where he was selling his book "Just Another Name". Easily one of the best books at the show.

Kevin did such a great job with this and we are truly honored. You should all go check out his strip "Adventure's in retail" and his print comic "Just Another Name". Both ready to view at!

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