January 12, 2005 - Radio? I thought he said "Righty-o"!

Ever wonder what Phil and Joe sound like? Well wonder no more! Phil and Joe taped an appearance on Fanboy Radio last night.

Yeah, we don't believe it either.

The interview was one of six which included other web comic creators that have strips at different levels of completion and success. With Digital Pimp representing the "Who the hell are these guys?" section of webcomics.

Other voices to be heard include Tim from Ctrl+ALT+DEL, Ryan from Least I could do, and Derrick Fish from Dandy and Company. We're honored to be among such fine company. Check out their sites and say "Yo."

We're blown over by the invite to be included and the reaction that the host Scott Hinze had to our strips. It was a thrilling experience that neither of us could have imagined. Go to Fanboy Radio at 1pm CST today to hear the broadcast. Then come back and look around some more.

To those of you coming over from FBR, dig through the strips, have a look around, then head over to PV comics, where you can find our most recent strips. Once you've exhausted our resources you'll have 10 times the material from other extremely talented artists to dig through.

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16 Dec 2016
Joe Dunn
LOGAN is both "grizzled, wrinkled, poisoned, and dying" as well as "in better shape than I ever will be" at the same time.
25 Mar 2017
Irv Fabor
Trying to salvage a little bit from todays huge disappointments. I did manage to do some artwork in illustrator so at least theres that.
25 Mar 2017
Kevin Gleason
RT @jonahkeri: I'm sure Paul Ryan can find other super nifty ways to make 24 million people suffer and/or die
24 Mar 2017