February 11, 2005 - Welcome and... look over there.

We've had a lot of traffic from some ads over at Theater hopper, and from all of the fan art from last week. Check out last weeks news posts to see some art for the comics we love. So welcome to all the new comers. Enjoy your stay. We have three weekly strips. Free Lunch updates every Monday. Matriculated updates every Wednesday. And Fish Tank Tango updates on Fridays. Dig through the archives and have a good time. If that doesn't fill your comic belly then check out The Third Half by our friend Carl over at Exile. This week he decided to re-launch his comic and he was even nice enough to include Fred the Food critic from our strip Free Lunch, in the return strip. The Third Half now updates every Monday and Friday. Have fun!

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Being an exhibitor means having to pee since you moved in, but holding it because you need to set up before the sho... https://t.co/G3vpx5si1Z
15 Sep 2018
Irv Fabor
Just painted for the joy of painting and of course with the purpose of doing it for someone. It is ver bittersweet to have finished it
22 Sep 2018