March 27, 2005 - We're going to Sin City to find some new girls.

All week long we'll be celebrating the release of Sin City by ripping off its style and the people that live there. Sin City has taken over Digital Pimp completely, and not just with the comics like today's Free Lunch but also with some original art featuring your favorite Digital Pimp characters as your favorite Sin City characters. You'll get one of those everyday this week. Today, we've got Fred as Marv from Sin City :The Hard Goodbye.

Check out Joe's blog for all the details on what inspired the pin-ups as well as all the background on the comic work for the week. In there he leaks out a few more of the secrets coming up this week. But don't take any chances! Just come back tomorrow for the next pin-up as well as a special Free Lunch.

For those that can't get enough, there's more. Joe often takes place in a pass a long comic at Exile comics. His turn came up this weekend and you can check out his comic here. And don't be afraid to look around over at Exile. There's plenty going on for the web comic community.

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@joedunn721 Pfft. It's not like it's the Blu-ray, it's just the dvd
03 Dec 2018
Joe Dunn
@southworth Even better if there's a hand-sized rip in the wrapping paper. That's asshole 101!
14 Dec 2018
Irv Fabor
Rainy night on the FDR. My city is always beautiful! City like no other. #rain #rainy #raindrops #nyc #city...
14 Dec 2018
Kevin Gleason
RT @RacineUnified: Middle school art students at Jerstad-Agerholm created this BEAUTIFUL tribute to veterans! Each student made a 3D paper...
03 Dec 2018