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He's hungry... so hungry. And he's ready to tell you that your mom's recipe for baked ziti which has been handed down 4 generations from the old country, is crap. Well.... it is.

Meet Fred the Food critic, star of "Free Lunch". He?s a filthy slob with a bottomless stomach and an unkind word for everyone. Visit Fred each week as he and his cohorts get into mix up after mix up of food related fun.

And it's not kinky at all!

But please read it anyway.

Fred a small time food critic more concerned about a free meal than pretty much anything else thats going on. While he may not appear to care about the world around him Fed often finds himself in life or death situations, usually with fictional characters.

Irv A photographer at the magazine that works exclusively taking pictures of the meals Fred eats. As you can imagine thats a lot of food to be taking pictures of. Irv enjoys the chance to work but wishes he hadnt wasted 4 years in college studying art and photography to end up taking pictures of Tuna melts and Disco fries.

Tank This zombie with a mysterious past first met the gang during a world wired zombie outbreak. Tank is a zombie not ruled by his urges. His mother was bitten by a zombie while he was in the womb. He was born with all their power, but still humanity to control himself. Just like in the movie Blade. Ironically hed never seen Blade before meeting Fred and Irv. He ended up really liking it.

If there's a visual definition of "disappointment", it's opening a mystery box at a comic con. https://t.co/qSp8tKNu5k
01 Mar 2020
Joe Dunn
RT @gmcalpin: Half an hour until "Multiplex 10: The End...?" goes up on the YouTubes https://t.co/DnZVHbiag3
01 Jul 2020
Irv Fabor
Ugh! I'm being easily distracted because I don't want to do my notes at work. These notes are due today...I also on... https://t.co/HccQYohH2E
01 Jul 2020
Kevin Gleason
@joedunn721 @TeePublic I think Pawnee would be insulted if you didn't. 😀
13 Jun 2020