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It's a normal day in the life of Mike, the owner of a pet aquarium, his friends, Nail and Jess, and the new girl Mindy who has appeared in everyone's favorite magazine. Join the up and down adventures of Mike and pals in his crazy mixed up world... What do you mean he has a fish for a head?

So far, other than not standing at the Digital PIMP booth (https://t.co/dVjVgQFPFv) all day my #ComiConAtHome expe... https://t.co/12aj3MMaba
25 Jul 2020
Joe Dunn
RT @beefyness: today is another wonderful bandcamp friday. You can get these things or just stream em. it's cool with me. but if you did w...
04 Dec 2020
Irv Fabor
@madmup If you already told them to stay on the other side of the desk and on another instance reminded them of bou... https://t.co/wp1WXFfXZ4
30 Nov 2020