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It's like your college experience... without the educational value.

Follow the misadventures of the Matriculated crew: Jeremy, Rebecca, Janette, Dan & Steve as they do what every college student does... have fun, avoid responsibility and PAR-TAY!


Jeremy is the new guy. He's also a bit of a geek. Ok, he's actually a big geek. He's a fan of comics, sci-fi and anything else any self-respecting geek would be a fan of. Initially shy, once he gets comfortable, he has a wry wit about him. Jeremy's a commuter so he would have had little interaction with any of the student body if not for...


At first glance, Rebecca seems, well... a little ditzy. But underneath that friendly yet naive exterior is a fiercely book smart mind. She can school you in calculus but at the same time will believe you when you tell her the letters L, M, N, O, and P were placed together in the alphabet as some sort of ancient sobriety test. Early on in freshman year, Rebecca became fast friends with...


Janette exudes a tough girl attitude. She doesn't take crap from anyone (except her parents). But that tough girl shell hides the soft and chewy center of insecurity. She's fairly unsure about her direction in life, which is why she's had four majors in two years. It doesn't help that her traditional Korean parents aren't so traditional when deciding what major Janette should study. While trying to find herself (and her major), she found an unlikely boyfriend (actually, ex-boyfriend and now just friend) in...


Steve is the big man on campus. Everyone, from the president of the school to the newest fraternity pledge, knows his name and who he is. Unfortunately, he rarely remembers anyone outside his circle of friends. Being popular is hard work, especially when you consider the fact that Steve is hiding something that could undermine his popularity. He's a closet sci-fi geek. Steve quickly gets along with Jeremy because of their shared geek heritage. Steve shares a room with...


Of the five friends, Dans is the most overworked. He's an architect major which means lots of his time is spent in studio building models of buildings. Still, he wants to hang out with his friends and doesn't find much time for sleep. At least, not outside of his classes. Dan also has a hard time handling his liqour. A couple of drinks and he's ready to flash his chest for beads at Mardi Gras, much to the disappointment and disgust of every male around him.

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