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Hating your job has never been this much fun. Except if you work at a strip club... even hating the job there still has to be awesome.

Meet the employees of Cranium Office Supply. Al, Tim, Jason, Rob, Ashley, Coretta and Anna will show you what it's like to deal with stupid people... all... day... long.


Our last con of 2020 is our last con of 2021! Come see us at booth 154! #c2e2 https://t.co/5YkGlQmjs2
10 Dec 2021
Joe Dunn
Did this Anya Taylor Joy piece yesterday and forgot to post it this morning for #caricatureresolution2022 https://t.co/tINXWpurpL
17 Jan 2022
Irv Fabor
Not only is this guy maskless he's also smoking in the subway car! 6 train local @NYCTSubway https://t.co/tvOFkiaeDn
07 Jan 2022