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Hating your job has never been this much fun. Except if you work at a strip club... even hating the job there still has to be awesome.

Meet the employees of Cranium Office Supply. Al, Tim, Jason, Rob, Ashley, Coretta and Anna will show you what it's like to deal with stupid people... all... day... long.

So far, other than not standing at the Digital PIMP booth (https://t.co/dVjVgQFPFv) all day my #ComiConAtHome expe... https://t.co/12aj3MMaba
25 Jul 2020
Joe Dunn
RT @krakoattilan: I was watching "The Edge of Seventeen" and hear me out Hailee Steinfeld as Kitty Pryde. https://t.co/3PuD68p9iU
21 Sep 2020
Irv Fabor
That moment, right after dusk and the bluest part before evening, and you're sitting outside in autumn. A cool bree... https://t.co/3eQX3uSmyk
18 Sep 2020
Kevin Gleason
RT @joedunn721: Enough people asked that I finally had to agree to add Kiwi Herman to the shirt stores. Available at Tee Public & Threadles...
13 Aug 2020