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    Phil's Help Desk Adventure, Part V

    So after all the headaches and the waiting, what did I end up with in the end?

    I lost nearly a week of work. Which, y'know, if fine with me because they're paying me if I'm working hard or if I'm hardly working. But you'd think it would be in the best interest of the company that I at least had a computer to work on.

    I lost all of my files. Not only did this include all my work files but all my personal files as well. The work files I'm not so worried about... I mean, it sucks but it's only a few months of work anyway. (And they'll be paying me to do something I've already done)

    The biggest loss was my personal files. This includes scripts I've written on my laptop because it was much more convenient. In some cases, it was nearly a year and a half of things I had written. So the Secret Adventures of Phil Chan has been delayed another six months (if not more) yet again.

    But here's the kicker... for months before this everyone had been telling me how old my laptop was. And everyone was saying that my laptop was scheduled to be replaced with the newest, fastest laptop they had available. But the newer laptop that my broken machine was replaced with? Nope, not gonna be replaced.

    So instead of the oldest model laptop in the company replaced with the newest model laptop in the company, my laptop (the oldest model laptop in the company) was replaced with what is soon to become the new oldest model laptop in the company that isn't scheduled to be replaced. Screwed yet again.

    Anyway, I'm going to wrap up this series of commentaries with a conversation I had with our department's liaison to the IT department a few days after I got my new laptop. She stopped by my cubicle, we exchanged some small talk for a while and then she said, "I heard what happened to your laptop... how much did you lose?"


    "Ouch. You didn't back up anything?"


    "Ouch. So what have we learned?"

    (You mean besides confirmation of the fact that the all the people in the Help Desk & Level 2 support are morons with the exception of a handful of people?) "Absolutely nothing."

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