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Have you ever wanted to work in video games? Well that's what the guys at GameBizCo Inc. do. Literally.

Join the cast of Another Videogame Webcomic as we peek behind the curtain to see what exactly goes into bringing your favorite video games to the small screen. It may be a job in video games, but it's still a job.

To say that I was hesitant to do a webcomic about video games is an understatement. I was diametrically opposed to the very idea of doing a webcomic about video games. So what's changed?

I guess to answer that question, I'll have to start at the very beginning, back in 2004. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater had come out and I was so enamored with it, that I made a mini-review post about it on our message boards. Soon thereafter, Joe came to me and said, "Hey you should do a Phil Loves Crappy Video Games".

But I wouldn't have any of it.

There were (and are) just too many reasons it wouldn't work:

  1. Games are more expensive and take a greater time commitment to review.
  2. The most prolific thing on the internet is porn, but the second most is videogame webcomics.
  3. I don't own every game system known to man.
  4. I'd be ripping off Penny Arcade.
  5. I am lazy.
(Actually, reason 4 would be a direct effect of reason 5 now that I think of it...)

But Joe was persistent. Every once in a while, he'd drop a "hey you should write about that game" or a "this game would make a funny comic". And soon the idea burrowed deep into my consciousness where it would sit waiting for the pieces to fall into place.

The first major piece of the puzzle was the premise. I didn't want to do something that had already been done before (which is tough because of the sheer number of video game webcomics out there) nor did I want retread what Joe has done so well in Joe Loves Crappy Movies with a Phil Loves Crappy Video Games. After a few brainstorming sessions we came up with the basic premise of "Tron meets Office Space". Our characters literally work in video games. Now, I don't know if this is an entirely unique idea (and the odds are against it being unique), but I like the idea enough to give it some slack.

The other major piece was the title. I'll let you guys in on a little secret... I'm horrible at naming things. Usually what happens when Joe and I try to name something, we'll give it some ridiculous placeholder with the intention of thinking of something better and never following through. But "Another Videogame Webcomic" was a deliberate choice. When Joe first pitched the idea to me, I immediately fell in love with it. It acknowledged all the other video game webcomics out there while doing it with tongue placed firmly in cheek.

And here we are.

So what can you expect from future installments Another Videogame Webcomic? I will take a page from Joe Loves Crappy Movies and have reviews of (you guessed it!) video games. But seeing as I don't own a Wii or Xbox 360, I probably won't be reviewing any exclusives for those platforms (Unless you guys want to send me one... y'know, Christmas is right around the corner...) but multiplatform titles are fair game. You can also expect editorials from yours truly about various topics in the video game realm, just because I like to hear myself talk.

So be back next week for the next installment of Another Videogame Webcomic! (I was going to say "exciting installment" but I don't want to make promises that I can't claim to keep...)

- Phil

Player Two

After the resurgence of multiplayer co-op, GameBizCo Inc. hired Player Two to be the Goose to someone else's Maverick. His workload isn't quite as heavy as most of the other people working at GameBizCo Inc. and as a result, he spends a lot of time in the break room or playing computer solitaire.
First Appearance: Another Videogame Webcomic?!? An Introduction

Player One

Player One is top dog at GameBizCo Inc. Nearly every game, from Pong to Mario Bros to Grand Theft Auto, requires Player One's expertise. His cocksure and sometimes inappropriate attitude is an annoyance to his coworkers but seeing as every game needs a first player, they make due.
First Appearance: Bonus Stage! Here comes Player One!

Damsel I. Distress

Whether it be a castle, a dungeon or mystical island, Damsel always needs to be saved... and she hates it. Damsel longs for the day when she's given the role of a strong female lead character who doesn't have huge breasts with hyper accurate physics.
First Appearance: LittleBIGPlanet

Final Boss

Underneath the huge brute that is Final Boss lies a timid creature who wouldn't hurt a fly. He puts on his "angry face" when throwing barrels down ramps or breathing fire but deep down he feels sorry for doing so. He's been known to throw a game or two in the player's favor.
First Appearance: World Record

John Minion

John Minion, or Min for short, is the hardest working employee at GameBizCo Inc. Playing everything from Goombas to no name thugs, Min gets beat up on a daily basis but loves every minute of it. He always wanted to work in the gaming industry and was originally hired as an intern. After years of getting coffee, his big break came when someone called in sick... and the rest is history.
First Appearance: Watchmen: The End is Nigh

Middle Manager

Middle Manager works in the Human Resources department. He runs staff meetings and interviews prospective employees. The other 90% of his time is spent playing Freecell on his computer.
First Appearance: Another Videogame Webcomic?!? An Introduction