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Have you ever wanted to work in video games? Well that's what the guys at GameBizCo Inc. do. Literally.

Join the cast of Another Videogame Webcomic as we peek behind the curtain to see what exactly goes into bringing your favorite video games to the small screen. It may be a job in video games, but it's still a job.

GamePlay vs GameExperience

SPOILERS AHEAD! Just a word of warning folks, I'm going to be talking about the ending to Prince of Persia so if you don't want the game spoiled for you, stop reading right now!




Still with me? Good.

I was playing through Prince of Persia about a month ago and I had gotten to what I figured was the end of the game. I reimprisoned the big bad evil and accomplished what was presented as my goal at the beginning of the game, but the game wasn't over. Kind of like Return of the King, the game continued. The Prince's companion throughout the game, Elika, had sacrificed herself for the greater good and the credits began to roll as I controlled the Prince while he carried her lifeless body out of the temple. A short cutscene played showing me the four trees in the distance which had grown as a result of reimprisoning the big bad.

The game gave me control of the Prince again and taking a cue from the cutscene, I figured the trees were my next objective. I ran to the platforms on which the tree sat and navigated them as I did any other obstacle in the game. When I reached the tree, without thinking I commanded the Prince to strike it down. And as the ground around me changed from bright and full of life to dark and lifeless, it hit me. I was undoing the very thing that I had been working towards the entire game. I didn't want to cut down those trees, but I had to cut down those trees... a thought I'm sure was going through the Prince's mind at that moment (or would be if he were real). At that moment, I realized I wasn't playing as the Prince, I was the Prince.

For the most part our gaming experience is purely visceral. We feel the power of the characters as they accomplish amazing feat after amazing feat. We feel triumph as be overcome the obstacles and enemies standing between us and our goal. But we are never at odds with out goal. We never think twice about stomping on that goomba and squashing him out of existence. We almost never feel regret.

That's because the games we play rarely ask us to do something we don't want to do. We generally take the role of a physically or mentally superior character who has to fight against all odds to save the world/princess. Who wouldn't want to be that guy (or gal)?

But games are a powerful storytelling medium unlike any other. With other storytelling venues, we take the role of the audience, viewing from a safe distance the events that unfold before us. But with games, we are an active participant if not the protagonist of the events that unfold. This puts video games in a unique position to have the player fully experience what might just be an intellectual exercise when communicated through other media.

First person shooters literally put us in the shoes of the main character and provides us an immediate instinctual connection. But few games actually put us in the heads of the characters like Prince of Persia did with its ending. Most of the time, we play a game to beat it. But hopefully like the explosion of the first person shooter genre, more games will mix both storytelling and gameplay to a point so that we aren't just beating the game, we're experiencing it.

Player Two

After the resurgence of multiplayer co-op, GameBizCo Inc. hired Player Two to be the Goose to someone else's Maverick. His workload isn't quite as heavy as most of the other people working at GameBizCo Inc. and as a result, he spends a lot of time in the break room or playing computer solitaire.
First Appearance: Another Videogame Webcomic?!? An Introduction

Player One

Player One is top dog at GameBizCo Inc. Nearly every game, from Pong to Mario Bros to Grand Theft Auto, requires Player One's expertise. His cocksure and sometimes inappropriate attitude is an annoyance to his coworkers but seeing as every game needs a first player, they make due.
First Appearance: Bonus Stage! Here comes Player One!

Damsel I. Distress

Whether it be a castle, a dungeon or mystical island, Damsel always needs to be saved... and she hates it. Damsel longs for the day when she's given the role of a strong female lead character who doesn't have huge breasts with hyper accurate physics.
First Appearance: LittleBIGPlanet

Final Boss

Underneath the huge brute that is Final Boss lies a timid creature who wouldn't hurt a fly. He puts on his "angry face" when throwing barrels down ramps or breathing fire but deep down he feels sorry for doing so. He's been known to throw a game or two in the player's favor.
First Appearance: World Record

John Minion

John Minion, or Min for short, is the hardest working employee at GameBizCo Inc. Playing everything from Goombas to no name thugs, Min gets beat up on a daily basis but loves every minute of it. He always wanted to work in the gaming industry and was originally hired as an intern. After years of getting coffee, his big break came when someone called in sick... and the rest is history.
First Appearance: Watchmen: The End is Nigh

Middle Manager

Middle Manager works in the Human Resources department. He runs staff meetings and interviews prospective employees. The other 90% of his time is spent playing Freecell on his computer.
First Appearance: Another Videogame Webcomic?!? An Introduction