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Have you ever wanted to work in video games? Well that's what the guys at GameBizCo Inc. do. Literally.

Join the cast of Another Videogame Webcomic as we peek behind the curtain to see what exactly goes into bringing your favorite video games to the small screen. It may be a job in video games, but it's still a job.

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Project Wonderful - Your ad here, right now, for as low as $0

Street Fighter X Mega Man

Platform: PC
Price: FREE!(Plus the cost of whatever controllers you end up breaking while playing it)

Capcom really hasn't treated Mega Man well lately, hasn't it?  From the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3 to Mega Man's exclusion from Capcom's Versus series, it hasn't really been a good time for the Blue Bomber.  But Capcom is looking to rectify all that with the release of Street Fighter X Mega Man. 

Street Fighter X Mega Man is a throwback to the old NES era Mega Man games, except instead of bosses like Cut Man and Elec Man, you get Street Fighter characters like Ryu and Chun Li.  The game perfectly captures the feel of those old NES games decorates it with Street Fighter flourishes. You'll run, jump slide and shoot your way through Street Fighter themed levels until you meet It's an old school game with, old school challenges.  

If you're young enough to never have played any of those old Mega Man games, you're in for a shock.  The game is HARD.  Capital H, capital A, capital R, capital D.  HARD.  Probably harder than any game you've played in the recent past (except for maybe Dark Souls).  If you can beat a level on your first try, you're a better gamer than me  But you probably won't.  You will die.  You will die a lot.  This game will take you to the edge of breaking your spirit... but you'll still be compelled to play. 

There are no saves and no codes to continue where you left off, so if you exit the game, you'll have to start all over again.  It can be a little frustrating since, depending on how good you are, the game can take hours to beat.  If you want to beat the game you basically have to clear your schedule, unless you want to start over from scratch.  You do get a limited amount of lives, but fortunately, the game gives you the option to continue... unfortunately, you continue from the beginning of the level. 

In keeping with the game's retro theme, it's best played on a controller of some sort.  Your index, middle and ring fingers just weren't meant to do what the game requires them to do.  I initially tried playing with the keyboard, but it just made a hard game harder.  I plugged in an old controller I had and it just feels right.  Make sure you use a controller you don't care too much about, because you might want to throw it across the room or snap it in half after playing the same level over and over again... 

But for all of controller breaking difficulty, there's a good game underneath. I don't know if it'll have the same effect on someone who hasn't played the original Mega Man games though.  There is a sense of accomplishment that you get after beating a level that you don't get from any other game. 

It's nice to finally see Capcom give one of it's marquee franchises some of the respect it deserves.  (But why does Mega Man still get second billing in a game that's clearly focused on him?)


Hey, it's a free game.  You should totally play it.  I'd say it's a "buy", but it's a free game.  I mean, if you want to give me some cash for playing it, I'd be cool with that. 


Dark Souls - Want to play something that's just as unforgiving?  No? 

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Player Two

After the resurgence of multiplayer co-op, GameBizCo Inc. hired Player Two to be the Goose to someone else's Maverick. His workload isn't quite as heavy as most of the other people working at GameBizCo Inc. and as a result, he spends a lot of time in the break room or playing computer solitaire.
First Appearance: Another Videogame Webcomic?!? An Introduction

Player One

Player One is top dog at GameBizCo Inc. Nearly every game, from Pong to Mario Bros to Grand Theft Auto, requires Player One's expertise. His cocksure and sometimes inappropriate attitude is an annoyance to his coworkers but seeing as every game needs a first player, they make due.
First Appearance: Bonus Stage! Here comes Player One!

Damsel I. Distress

Whether it be a castle, a dungeon or mystical island, Damsel always needs to be saved... and she hates it. Damsel longs for the day when she's given the role of a strong female lead character who doesn't have huge breasts with hyper accurate physics.
First Appearance: LittleBIGPlanet

Final Boss

Underneath the huge brute that is Final Boss lies a timid creature who wouldn't hurt a fly. He puts on his "angry face" when throwing barrels down ramps or breathing fire but deep down he feels sorry for doing so. He's been known to throw a game or two in the player's favor.
First Appearance: World Record

John Minion

John Minion, or Min for short, is the hardest working employee at GameBizCo Inc. Playing everything from Goombas to no name thugs, Min gets beat up on a daily basis but loves every minute of it. He always wanted to work in the gaming industry and was originally hired as an intern. After years of getting coffee, his big break came when someone called in sick... and the rest is history.
First Appearance: Watchmen: The End is Nigh

Middle Manager

Middle Manager works in the Human Resources department. He runs staff meetings and interviews prospective employees. The other 90% of his time is spent playing Freecell on his computer.
First Appearance: Another Videogame Webcomic?!? An Introduction

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Project Wonderful - Your ad here, right now, for as low as $0

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11 Apr 2018
Joe Dunn
@gmcalpin Yeah once I heard he was saying something it took a few loops. It's great. A real, "I'm Batman moment."
23 Apr 2018
Kevin Gleason
RT @joedunn721: An obligatory "The Rock wears the same outfit in all his movies" comic. I tried to but a unique spin on it but, well, here...
12 Apr 2018